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Bauli Group products have been synonymous with goodness and quality for 100 years.

We follow ancient artisan traditions but use modern technologies to bring our products to the tables of consumers in over 70 countries.

The Bauli Group’s brands Bauli, Motta, Alemagna, Doria, Bistefani, Casalini and Max Sport provide the finest Italian tradition for everyone’s taste with their sweet and savoury baked goods.

Our expertise rests on natural leavening which dates back almost 100 years in our more traditional products. At the same time, we have invested in R&D activities and introduced new and innovative production processes. What has stayed the same are our high quality recipes thanks to the use of Bauli Original mother yeast, carefully selected raw ingredients with guaranteed origin and the adoption of the finest quality control best practices for our products.

We focus on the creation of light and healthy recipes and we have a specific product range dedicated to food intolerances. Our commitment to understanding our customers allows us to interpret the evolution in consumer trends which are increasingly focused on wellness and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.
We are strongly committed to only using recipes with few, simple and 100% natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, preservatives or food colouring. We use whole wheat flour and we strive to reduce fats in our products and avoid GMOs or hydrogenated fats. Thanks to recent acquisitions of a specialised production facility, we have created a product range suitable for customers suffering from gluten, milk, and lactose intolerances, so that they can also enjoy the pleasure of our products with safety and confidence.

Seasonal products

Thanks to a wide range of seasonal products, from the most traditional recipes to the most innovative ones with delicious fillings, Bauli is the leader in the Christmas market, with a share of more than 38 percent, and in the Easter one with 33.7 percent of the market.

With historic brands such as Bauli, Motta, Alemagna and Bistefani, the Bauli Group’s portfolio can proudly boast some of the most iconic products in the market such as Pandoro Bauli, the most loved and sold Christmas cake, while Panettone Motta holds the first place in sales of its category.

In recent years a range of gluten and lactose free holiday products have been launched to let customers with dietary requirements enjoy their holidays without sacrificing taste.

Everyday products

Croissants, biscuits, cakes, crackers: the Bauli Group offers products for everyone’s taste. Thanks to their versatility, Bauli’s products can be enjoyed by everybody throughout the day, accompanying customers from breakfast to snack time and from a sweet or savoury indulgence to dinner.

The Bauli Group also develops products for consumers focusing on a healthy lifestyle which has meant that we have created, a number of new products using selected raw ingredients with less fats. For example, the Semplicissimi Doria product range which features sweet and savoury options, like the Semplicissimi Legumi and Riso snacks, made of 90% legumes with less than 3% fat and cooked in an oven. These new savoury snacks are environmentally-friendly as they use raw ingredients which are harvested locally and are produced using clean biological energy and packaged in recycled materials.

Additionally, the Bauli Group has responded to the growing demand for gluten and lactose free products by introducing gluten and lactose free products which can be enjoyed during any occasion, both sweet and savoury. For the allergen free and dairy free market, two dedicated product lines were developed for the Doria and Bauli brands including bread, savoury snacks, breadcrumbs, biscuits and sweet products for breakfast. These products are exclusively available at pharmacies, parapharmacies and specialised stores.

The Bauli Group brings not only the quality of its seasonal products loved all over the world for their Italian heritage, but also its baked goods, adapted and specifically created to appeal to the local tastes of the Bauli Group’s numerous international markets, such as South East Asia.

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38% of the Christmas market
33,7% of the Easter market

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natural ingredients from Semplicissimi Doria’s line

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The Pandoro Bauli is the most loved and the best-selling at Christmas

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Customised flavour

in products around the world

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Panettone Motta takes first place in sales of this type of product

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Numerous Gluten and lactose free


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