Our History

Our Group’s history stretches back nearly a century, to a small bakery in the centre of Verona. Over the years we have transformed our love of tradition and artisan craftsmanship into business know-how, through a process that has included both technological innovation and strategic acquisitions of world famous Italian brands. Today we bring delicious products using Italian flavours to consumers in 70 countries.

  1. Ruggero Bauli opens a small artisan bakery in Verona which became known for its traditional pandoro recipe.
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    Ruggero Bauli leaves Italy to pursue a new life in Argentina. He boards the ocean liner “Principessa Mafalda” for what would be its final transatlantic voyage and is one of the few survivors of its shipwreck. Upon arrival in South America he rebuilds his fortune, opening a pastry shop that is immediately successful.
  3. RRuggero Bauli returns to Verona and revives his business, a bakery with an attached store, which becomes the first pastry shop in the city.
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    The company’s activity continues to develop with the launch of industrial production.
  5. Ruggero passes down the family business to his sons, Alberto, Adriano and Carlo, who introduce an innovative spirit which accelerates the transformation of the company
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    Bauli enters the market of baked goods for daily use with its new line of croissants.
  7. Production of the first Bauli chocolate Easter eggs begins, diversifying its range of festive products.
  8. Bauli continues to grow, developing an international market and focusing on numerous strategic acquisitions.
  9. Bauli begins a process of enormous expansion with the acquisition of FBF Casalini, specialised in production for private labels.
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    Bauli completes the acquisition of Doria with its substantial expertise in biscuits and crackers.
  11. Brands from the Motta and Alemagna Group become part of the company’s baked goods portfolio with the acquisition of a facility near Verona.
  12. The group acquires Fête Latine in France.
  13. The acquisition of Bistefani brings a new range of products to the forefront of the group with the famous Krumiri.
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    The group opens a facility in India in order to have better access to the countries of South East Asia.
  15. The acquisition of the majority stake of Alpipan strengthens the group’s production of gluten-free products.
  16. The group opens a commercial branch in Singapore.
  17. The group acquires the majority stake of MaxSport, a Slovakian company specialising in the production of protein products and nutritional supplements.

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