Ethics and Responsibility

Bauli has always operated with integrity, not only with full respect to existing laws and regulations, but also upholding the fundamental principles of equity, honesty, and respect.

With the objective of ensuring a positive impact on its value chain, the Group has adopted a code of ethics which defines good practice for all of the company’s stakeholders.

Its goal is to clearly define all of the principles and values which the Bauli Group has adopted as its own and which it shares with its employees, administrators, collaborators, suppliers, and, more broadly, all those who operate for or represent the name of the group.

Furthermore, the Bauli Group complies with the organisation, management, and control model (cd “Model 231”) specified in Legislative Decree n.231 of 8 June 2001.

In compliance with the new legal provisions, Bauli has also adopted a whistleblowing system to guarantee the anonymity of notifications, which can thus be sent by anyone, with no fear of personal reprisal. It is therefore possible to anonymously send a report to the Supervisory Board so that it can assess its contents and arrange for any necessary investigations.

The objectives attained, future commitments and many other additional details are contained in our Sustainability Report.

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Code of Ethics