For the Bauli Group, quality and customer protection are both a commitment and a constant priority.

We use only use carefully selected raw ingredients and employ artisan-inspired production processes that are based on the ancient tradition of starter yeast, a core of fermented dough to which water and flour are progressively added. This process, which lasts up to 40 hours, has been repeated in the same way for generations and guarantees a surprisingly long life to the product, without the use of chemical additives or preservatives.

Furthermore, the Bauli Group has a long-standing history of compliance with international quality standard regulations and has earned the ISO 9001 system certification and the BRC product safety and quality certifications.


Main Certifications

ISO 9001 and BRC



up to 40 hours of leavening


checks at the production line



laboratory analyses of raw ingredients and products during the Christmas season alone



analyses during the Christmas season

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