Who we are

Bauli Group is a third-generation family enterprise, that uniquely blends tradition and innovation, with strong focus on the future and great openness towards the world. Bauli Group’s recipe for success is simple: its people and products.


Driven by Bauli’s Italian tradition, our mission is to create healthy and delicious products that make people feel good. We hold in our hearts people’s wellbeing whilst keeping the planet’s health in our minds.


We aspire to become a global leader in positive snacking by offering consumers delicious products that are good for the body and the soul. We will continue to strengthen our leadership in Italian seasonal specialties, sharing our traditions worldwide.

Our values


All our products are created with the wellbeing of our consumers in mind.


We care about the future of our Planet and we strive to preserve it every day.


We are guided by 100 years of family tradition and we master the art of baking, passed down from generation to generation.


We believe in Trust, Integrity and Mutuality.


We believe that our actions should reflect what we say.

Our History

  1. Ruggero Bauli opens a small artisan bakery in Verona which became known for its traditional pandoro recipe.

  2. The company’s activity continues to develop with the launch of industrial production.

  3. Bauli enters the market of baked goods for daily use with its new line of croissants.

  4. The Group acquires the majority stake of MaxSport, a Slovakian company specialising in the production of protein products and nutritional supplements.

Bauli and the environment.
We care about the future of our Planet.

We implement a green supply-chain

We work for solutions for sustainable packaging

We strive to reduce water use

Our figures

Over the years the Bauli Group has been able to uniquely combine the strength of its tradition with significant economic growth

+ 200%

 turnover for the last 20 years

€481 million

in sales in 2020-2021

€9 million

net profit in 2020-2021


of total turnover comes from exports

Our brands

Bauli in the World

We are market leaders in the production of festive desserts and treats as well as a wide range of baked goods that our customers can enjoy throughout the day.

Connect with us

  • Michele Bauli

    Michele Bauli, president of Bauli Group, was on the front page of yesterday’s L’Economia del Corriere della Sera talking numbers, #growth and strategy. Our path to #success has put us among Italian #leaders, with a #MadeInItaly business expansion model including innovation, international development and business diversification.


    With #Christmas coming, the group’s factories are at full capacity for the production of Pandoro and Panettone – thanks to which we’re the #leader in holiday products. We make #Pandoro and #Panettone according to the traditional #recipe: our sourdough yeast, selected ingredients and long leavening.

  • TGTG

    We’re proud to be part of the @TooGoodToGo community. Our pact to fight against #FoodWaste is a clear #commitment based on concrete actions. It’s an ethical project with an attentive and innovative partner and the conviction that every action, small or large, can make the difference to the health of our #planet.

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Working for Bauli

We provide our employees with a stimulating work environment based on solid values.