A story of work,
values and remarkable growth.

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes visit to our factories,
to see how we make the iconic products
that we have been bringing to Italian homes for 100 years.
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A lot has changed since 1922.

Our routines have changed, the way we stay together has changed, language has changed, holidays have changed… the world has changed.

In 1922 we were a small artisan workshop.

Today our Group is one of the leading Italian pastry makers, for festive cakes, treats and positive snacking.

In these 100 years we have revolutionised, innovated, created goodness, put love and passion in all our products, and attained quality and excellence, always with your well-being in mind.

Even though the world has changed there are things that havenʼt, and never will change.

After 100 years we are still ourselves

with our dreams, our emotions, our products, the same care and the same ambition as always.


Driven by tradition, we look to the future with the Planetʼs health in our minds and the peopleʼs well-being in our hearts.

All this to keep bringing you, for the next 100 years, new uniquely pleasurable moments, well-being and goodness.

The Book

The Stamp

Commitment, attention to quality, a love of tradition, business skills: these are the values that have accompanied us through a century of history.

The issue of this stamp is a mark of recognition that we dedicate to everyone who has played a part in our development, leading to Bauli’s prestigious position in Italy’s collective imagination.