Baked goods

Croissants, biscuits, cakes, crackers: under its own brands the Bauli Group offers products for everyone’s taste. Thanks to their versatility, Bauli’s products can be enjoyed by everybody throughout the day, accompanying customers from breakfast to snack time and from a sweet or savoury indulgence to dinner.

With extreme attention paid to the quality and to the ingredients and with a focus on constant innovation, each day our products drawing on our artisanal heritage are realised and continuously monitored, through the application of a modern method for overseeing the manufacturing process. Thanks to this focus on quality, the Group has earned the trust of its customers.

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Photo: F. Piras
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Green energy

and paper-based packaging Doria Semplicissimi Legumi e Riso

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Numerous Gluten and lactose free


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Customised flavour

in products around the world

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Our brands

The group’s brands are synonymous with goodness and quality around the world.

Festive dessert and treats

Our products bring the flavour and tradition of holidays to the table.