Easter 2022: in the centenary year Bauli Group accelerates on sustainability and eco-packaging

Bauli Group is the first company in the sector to offer Easter dove packaging entirely recyclable

Verona, April 11, 2022 – In the year of its centennial anniversary, the Bauli Group is accelerating on sustainability. For the first time on the market, for Easter 2022, the company is offering the iconic Bauli doves – the Colomba Classica and the Colomba di Verona – in a sustainable pack, with cardboard packaging – including the handle that replaces the classic fabric strap – and a dove container in certified compostable material. The Group is thus the first company in the festivities sector to introduce to the market the packaging of this product entirely recyclable and compostable.

This initiative represents a further step forward in the Group’s long-standing commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, with eco-packaging actions that go beyond the festivities segment and extend to everyday products: starting in March, in fact, Bauli croissant references (both Classic and BuonEssere) are offered with a significant reduction in the size of the tray, with significant savings in terms of the materials used and considerable efficiency in transport.

These actions represent the path that Bauli has taken and that have an impact on the environment. And the numbers prove it: thanks to this initiative, the Group has made more than 100,000 kg of ramekins compostable. If one were to walk a road made with the fabric handles now replaced with recyclable cardboard, one would have to walk 550 kilometers. By reducing the pack of croissants, the Group has also saved not only on materials – 200,000 kg of paper and 50,000 kg of plastic – but also on transportation: there will be 1400 fewer vehicles in circulation each year, with a reduction of 400,000 kilometers travelled, equivalent to 386 tonnes of CO2.

“The important innovations we have introduced in terms of packaging represent just one piece of a broader and more articulated path to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Michele Bauli, president of the Bauli Group, adding, “This year, the commitment to greater sustainability plays an even more central role in our business strategies, and this affects our entire production process in a transversal way: from energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources to waste management, from sustainable logistics to water saving, from waste reduction to finally eco-packaging. An effort that we are proud to pursue and strengthen especially in 2022, an important and symbolic year in which we celebrate the centenary of our foundation”.

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