Bauli Group closes fiscal year 2020/21 with stable turnover and growing profits

Verona, 11 November 2021 – The Bauli Group closed the 2020/2021 fiscal year with a net profit of 9.1 million euros (+48.4% compared to 2019/2020) against revenues of 481.2 million (-1.1%). The 2020 Christmas campaign still felt the effects of the pandemic, while the 2021 Easter campaign was in line with pre-pandemic years.

The Group confirmed its position as market leader in the festivities segment, with a market share of 37% for Christmas and 33% for Easter, continuing to invest in the diversification and innovation of its business lines for both festivities and everyday products. Technological innovation provided important support for the latter: the Group was able to launch the Bauli BuonEssere line of croissants on the market thanks to a complete revision of the recipe. Revenues from Motta’s continuous products grew, with snacks up 1.1%. Doria, with its savoury ranges, also saw an important increase in turnover of 7.6%.

In the fiscal year, the capital employed in the group amounted to 229 million euros (+41 million compared to the previous year), with Equity of 147 million (+43 million) and a Net Financial Position of 82.1 million (-2.5 million). This result is essentially stable and, despite the fact that industrial investments of around 40 million euros were made, particularly significant, as well as confirmation of the company’s excellent cash flow generation.

These investments are part of a three-year plan to improve the Group’s production capacity and reengineering, especially in the Castel d’Azzano and Romanengo production plants: investments that have a transversal impact on the production of products for daily consumption and for special occasions, with the aim of improving product quality, personal safety and economic efficiency, following the path of technological and IT innovation. At the same time, the company is continuing to experiment with new sales channels, both online, such as TUOBauli, with excellent pastries, and through physical stores, such as Minuto di Bauli, where freshly baked cakes are offered.

“In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, we began to see encouraging signs of a restart, evident particularly during the Easter season, which took place in a climate of new normalcy. We consolidated our leadership in recurring products and continued our commitment to invest in the Group,” said Michele Bauli, president of the Bauli Group, adding, “We are approaching 2022 with optimism and confidence, proud to enter the year that marks the centennial of our Group. We’re doing it with the strength of our tradition but with an eye on the future, proceeding with our investment plan and focusing on innovation and sustainability, a word that is often abused but still quite new if we think that only thirty years ago sensitivity was totally different. Today we have the opportunity to intercept new consumption patterns and for us this translates into a real commitment in the economic, environmental and social spheres. And in the next financial year our first sustainability report will be published, a sign of responsibility and transparency in a challenging and complex”. This year, for the first time, the Group published its sustainability brochure, which aims to illustrate, through figures and initiatives, the company’s commitment to its stakeholders. The document, the first step in reporting in this area, is available on the company’s website.

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