The Bauli Group enters the pharmacy and specialty store channel for the first time with an exclusive line of free from products

The Bauli Group brings its products to pharmacies, parapharmacies and specialty stores in Italy for the first time thanks to new lines of Bauli and Doria brand products. All references have been created and distributed exclusively for this channel, for those consumers who have to exclude gluten, milk and lactose from their diet.

Thanks to the 36 new sweet and savoury references sold in Italy in the pharma channel, the Group consolidates its orientation towards the continuous innovation of its offer, extending its distribution network to new stores. The exclusive product placement in specialty stores focused on personal care and health ensures customers a better service and qualified support in the choice of these references.

The project is rooted in the Bauli Group’s acquisition in 2018 of a majority stake in AlpiPan, an Italian company dedicated exclusively to the production of gluten-free baked goods for over 15 years. Over the years, the company has built a solid expertise in this type of product, guaranteeing high quality standards in terms of both safety and taste.

All Bauli and Doria brand references are gluten free. The products are notified by the Ministry of Health and are available free of charge to those who are entitled to them. Moreover, some references are also milk and lactose free and bear the brand Lfree in the “Lactose&Milk Free” or “Lactose Free” version.

The 36 references are the result of research and development of recipes dedicated to consumers who suffer from allergies or intolerances and cover the consumption needs throughout the day: bread, savory snacks, breadcrumbs and mixes, pasta, cookies and breakfast products.

For more details: www.bauli.it/senzaglutine e www.doria.it/senzaglutine.

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