Bauli Group closes fiscal year 2019/20 with a turnover of 485 million euros

The Bauli Group continues to diversify its business and expand internationally, closing the fiscal year 2019/20 with a turnover of 485 million euros. A result that was affected by a lockdown in the first half of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but which nevertheless generated a profit of 6 million euros as a result of the company’s consolidated presence in the market.

During the fiscal year, the Group strengthened its positioning in the everyday market with the Bauli, Motta, Bistefani and Doria brands. The focus was on the expansion of the range of products related to wellness, which reflects new consumer trends oriented towards products made from natural ingredients. An example is the evolution of the Semplicissimi Doria, which has recently introduced savory legume and rice-based snacks in its range.

To implement the strategy of growth and innovation of everyday products with a focus on wellbeing, in 2019 the Bauli Group acquired a majority stake in the Slovak company MaxSport, specialising in protein and low-calorie bars. This acquisition also facilitates the Group’s access to Eastern European markets.

The holiday products segment is also at the center of the Group’s path towards continuous innovation. The new project TUOBauli.it mixes artisan pastry with product customization, approaching the e-commerce channel for the first time. Through a dedicated digital platform, clients can order and receive at home a panettone specially produced with ingredients selected by the customer.

Finally, the Group continues to make a name for itself in foreign markets, which now account for 16% of turnover, up on the previous year. The Bauli Group, present in 70 markets, is particularly present in India and South-East Asia, where it has had a production plant in India since 2017, as well as in the markets of Europe and the United States.

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